Stand in your Truth
by: Aynne McAvoy

At the time of this writing, I am one of millions of people taking an online course with Eckhard Tolle and Oprah Winfrey, A New Earth.   I am sure that there are many people from all along this path of enlightenment taking this course with me; from the brand new on the path, to the ones that have been here a long time.  The brand new people to this path are so excited as they begin to follow this book, this new thought.  Many of the rest of us are also excited but not necessarily for another new book that has come out, or another class to take, but that there are so many of us now on this path.


It is hard to say where my personal path began; hard to pin point what point in time I shifted from the world of seen to the world of unseen and yet to be seen.  It is hard to say when I started separating the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the illusion. 


Along the way I, like so many others, have read so many books by wonderful authors.  I recognize the tendency to put one book and the words contained therein above all other books.  I first saw this tendency with the Celestine Prophecy.  Some people, then new on the path, attempted to make the book their bible.  They were crushed when they discovered that this whole story of the prophecies and insights was just a story, just a parable.  They wanted to believe so badly that someplace there actually existed an AAA road trip tik for life.   I also saw this same tendency with The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  There was a whole string of events involved with a man who claimed to be a Tibetan monk, and had ties to Atlantis with a book he wrote about that.  He drew to himself a whole houseful of followers and long list of Internet list of followers that believed every word he said, and took it for truth.


What happens, as we walk or even run down this path of enlightenment, is our perceptions are constantly growing and changing.  What may be our truth ten years ago may not be our same truth eight years ago, or now.  Our truth, as we see it and know it, is forever modifying and changing as we grow closer to spirit and oneness with All that Is.  This is a good thing, and is as it should be.


When you see the truth as you know it or as you knew it before and how much you've changed, how could you possibly be angry at anyone else for what they believe to be true at any stage of their life?  It took many years for the world to finally acknowledge the world was round, wherein we all agreed upon that truth.  It's amazing when you think about those people who clung to their own truth just as long as possible.  Perhaps the change in thought frightened ego so much that the very idea of changing the perception of that truth just could not be tolerated.


Recently I retired from one of my two careers. I find myself standing in my truth more and more these days.  I find myself not only wanting to picket for the end of the war, or for writing emails to save the whales or polar bears, but from gritting my teeth in frustration with those people I meet who appear to be still 'asleep'.  I will be participating in a peace march across New York State on Tuesday May 13, 2008 that ends in Fort Drum, NY. I am putting my sneakers where my mouth is, so to speak. It just isn't enough any more to just say I am against the war.  I need to stand in my truth.


I perceive "asleep" to be someone who would rather watch the ridiculous news media drone on and on about some sports, movie or TV star's daily foibles, when the same air time could be devoted to a relief effort for the current devastation in Burma, where the death count at this time is 100,000. Tonight there was a lengthy piece about a famous female newscaster who wrote in her book about an affair she had years ago. So what?  What difference does any of that make in the long walk of things? 


I do blame our media - and I mean all media inclusive of radio, TV, cable, newspapers and magazines, movies - for attempting to varnish our brains on a daily basis, so that we sit dull eyed and empty brained and accepting of all that is spoon fed to us.  I blame our media who takes something called 'spin' and turns facts and information inside out and upside down, for ratings, numbers and sales.  I blame our media for being so short sighted that so few are able to stand in their truth and approach the difficult but necessary topics that need talking about.  I blame our media for lowering themselves to the standards of grocery store magazine rack tabloids and calling it good television.  The show Boston Legal has been in the forefront standing up for their truth, and I praise them highly for this.  I can only hope that their fine TV ratings prove that the viewers out there are sick to death of dribble and cotton candy substance.


There is a tiny group of media that is making this kind of stand, which includes a few filmmakers and authors and very few TV show writers.  These are the people who dare to stand in their truth, and bring us the Internet classes like the Eckhard Tolle A New Earth series.


Is the Internet the new voice of truth to be heard?  Will the long unsung words of truth now be told via the Internet, where the established media cannot interfere?


I feel this is probably one of the most important articles I will ever write, and in that, I encourage you to stand in your truth - whatever that may be.  Go far beyond the heresy and the innuendo, the dirt that is 'dished' and seek the golden ring.  You'll know it when you find it   Searching for truth is a difficult thing to do. It is so easy to take a wonderful book that is written and make that your truth.  It is far easier to take some supercilious spin from a cable ‘news’ program and make that your truth?


How does it feel within you?  Does this truth help mankind to rise to another level of evolvement, or does this information leave you empty and wanting?   Does this information have any value to life, as we know it?  Has the truth become so scary that we will resort to not only listening to what has no value, but also repeating it verbatim at a lunch with the girls?


I cannot help you make all these decisions, which actually should be made several times on a daily basis.  However, perhaps this analogy will help you. If information were pieces of clothing, which would you rather wear, the cheap tawdry garment, or the classy impeccable outfit?  This is the truth as you see it and as you wear it, and as you stand in it.  I say to you to not only stand in your truth, but use great discernment what that truth may be.