I've told many of you how my beautiful big blue PEACE NOW sign turned into the PEACE COW sign by the well meaning peace group in Ithaca NY that needed something dairy-ish to get them into a dairy parade.  LOL.  Another friend suggested I begin a legend of the Peace Cow, to go with the updated sign.  What follows is exactly that.....

Legend has it that there was once a great white cow.  Even her birth was special, as people came from far and wide to view her as a baby calf.  They took pictures of her and stood in awe of her, and murmured about what it could possibly mean, this pure white cow with a marking on one side that looked amazingly like a dove! 

Even the other farm animals would part when she neared, bowing their heads as she passed. She rarely made a sound, other than a very low quiet moo in her throat.  Disputes among the farm animals seemed to automatically cease when she appeared, the disputers seeing their folly of disagreeing, and deciding to forgive and forget.

One day there was a disturbing rumor circulating the farm.  The farmer's oldest son, it was said, was going to war in a far distant land.  The farm animals all knew this was a very unfair and unjust war, and they spoke in quiet groups amongst themselves of their concern for the farmer's son, who had always been very good to all of them.

They had heard of a place called Washington, DC, where all big important decisions were made in the land, and where there were many human beings who all thought very well of their own opinions.  They decided amongst themselves that someone should be elected to go to this Washington place, and get the humans to listen to some common horse sense.  You never see animals going to war amongst themselves.  Animals are far brighter than that.

So, a vote was taken and it was decided by one and by all that the great white cow should be the one to go. They had nicknamed her the Peace Cow, and it seemed to really fit her. Several goats, and pigs and horses approached the great cow with their proposition.  She heard them out and thought carefully as she chewed her cud.  "Ummmhummmm" she murmured, as she thought.  "Uhummmhmmmm."

Yes," the Peace cow said, "I will do this thing.  I will get them to see what folly this whole war business is, and we will keep the farmer's son safe here on the farm with us."

With that, all the animals pitched in to make a sign.  They knew that all great marches on this place Washington, DC had a big sign.  It was easy enough to find a large piece of cardboard in the barn.  One of the donkeys kicked over some paint cans, and the Cat volunteered to use her tail as a paint brush for the sign.  The great barn owl helped as an artistic advisor with the drawing of the dove on the sign.     Soon, the sign was painted, and the found a broken handle to a hay fork, and attached it to the sign.  The cow was ready to march.  Many of the farm animals decided at the last minute to march with the great white cow, and readied themselves for the journey.

The great white cow and her entourage of friends and supporters grew and grew as she marched towards Washington, DC She said very little, but carried her sign high for all to see.  People driving by peeped their horns and gave Okay signs, and peace signs with their fingers.  The animals didn't have fingers to do that, but would nod their heads in acknowledgment when they felt these tokens of support coming their way.

At one point in time, a New York State Trooper stopped the growing animal march.  He demanded to see the leader of this parade, and where was their parade permit anyway??  The Cat, who was also a peace lover, walked up to the trooper and wound herself around the trooper's legs, purring contentedly.  The Peace Cow looked the trooper right in the eye with one of her big brown beautiful eyes, and the trooper had to look away.  He got in his car and drove off, shaking his head.  The march resumed.

After many days and many nights, the animal march led by the Peace Cow and her sign and all her thousands of followers, entered the great human city of Washington, D. C.  They saw the Washington memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial.  They heard a marine telling a story of how this man Lincoln led the country during a terrible wartime, and how badly this man felt because he didn't like war at all.  The animals decided to go try to find Mr. Lincoln at the White House.

When they arrived at the White House, all hundred thousand animals, they demanded to see the President.  When a man came out of the door, he was he was something called a Press Secretary, and he would do the talking for the President.  There were many many reporters there too, all standing in front of men taking their pictures and talking into microphones.  Sometimes the cameras were actually pointed at the animals themselves, and not the reporters who just kept talking and talking and talking.  The press secretary was talking and talking and talking too.

The animals voted and decided with all this talking they needed a different approach, so they devised a petition to end the war right now, and each one of them put their paw print, hoof print, chicken scratch, etc., on it.  They left the petition with the man who said he was the Press Secretary and turned to leave.  However, they also, one and all, felt the need to defecate...right then, right there, right on the manicured pristine White House lawn.  It was truly strange what happened that day, perhaps it was something they ate.  Or something they heard.

The animals, then turned back to the street, and started the long march back home.  The white Peace Cow in the lead once more.  She was smiling.

The End.