by: Aynne McAvoy


I'll show you a picture of a woman leaning against a lovely expensive car in a luxury resort setting.  The woman is wearing a stylish classic pantsuit.  She has earned the money for the car, for the pantsuit and for the pricey vacation by her own grit and determination and brains. 


I'll show you a picture of a group of women, garbed in long cloaks, standing in a circle in the moonlight. They chant a particular rhyme, to bring about an expected outcome.


I'll show you a picture of a woman as she arrives for her regular appointment with her astrologer in a well-appointed office. As she sits down, she worries about her sister, who makes nightly calls to a psychic on a 900 line in her effort to find a solution to a failing marriage.


I'll show you a picture of a classroom of women on their yoga mats, in various poses.  Other women in a nearby room sit on pillows and chant Ohm and sing HUU. Their faces are at peace. 


What do all these women have in common?  All these women are striving to find their own power.  In the process of the search for this power, they have used different tools to access this wisdom.


The first woman has used the tool of her intelligence, determination and sheer courage to climb the corporate ladder.  She winces however, when she remembers the sexual harassment that she has endured but dare not tell anyone about.  She believes she has done what she needed to do, to access her power.


The second group of women is also attempting to find answers to their life's issues.  Society insists that each of these women must 'keep their place' and be good wives and mothers. They are told they must follow a certain course of religious dogma and simply trust and believe what they are told.  Their heart and souls cry out as deep inside them, each of them knows there is much more to life than what they are currently living.  They believe they are doing what they need to do to access their power.


The next woman, as she takes her seat in the astrologer's office, is also seeking answers. She feels she has such a deep empty hole in her chest that it surely must be visible for all to see.  She consults her astrologer as often as is allowed.  She has not yet learned to access her own intuition, but instead trusts another's guidance.  She senses she is floundering, but isn't quite sure what to do about it.  She fails to see the correlation between herself and her sister.  She and her sister both believe they are doing what they need to do to access their power.


The next group of women also know there is more to life, and perhaps have been down the same paths as the other women mentioned here.  They might have learned along these bumpy and rutty paths that one must learn to trust their own inner guidance, no matter what.  It may have taken each of them years to reach this one moment in time, whether sitting on a yoga mat in a class, or meditating in their own sacred space, to connect with the inner source.  They are doing what they need to do to access their own power.


There is nothing wrong with being a successful businesswoman.  However, if that success has brought you sleepless nights, dwelling on past interactions with others, perhaps that is a wake up call.  If that success has compromised your integrity in any way, then that is a wake up call.


There is nothing wrong with the Wicca religion, or any religion for that matter. However, again when one turns to power outside of them, they may feel that there is something missing.  It is only when one learns that the source of all power and intuition lies within, that we can truly follow our own course.


There is nothing wrong with astrologers or psychics. On a personal note, I am a psychic- astrologer.  However, I have seen what happens when clients attempt to become too dependent upon me for their answers.  When I see those warning flags go up, I begin to suggest they learn to begin to tap into their own awareness for some of these answers.  

The danger always lies in forgetting where your true source of inspiration lies. 


I have also been in each of these situations at some point in time. 


Perhaps each of us must traverse different paths of searching before we arrive at Self.  I am not aware of any shortcuts, nor am I sure it would be a good thing if there were.  There are numerous tools out there that many of us have used in attempt to contact our inner strength.  I mentioned a few such tools.  We need to remember that something is a tool, and not an end result.  We must keep focused on what we are truly searching for.


What is it that you want, or want to be?  Listen to your own inner voice of guidance, and then begin to create your heart's desire.  Sometimes another person may indeed help you to understand how to connect with your own intuition, and that's okay.  If that person or situation helps you to understand that all your answers are within yourself, and always have been, then that is a good thing.  You have always had the ability within you to change and create those things in your own life that you wish to.   Sometimes it does take one or more 'tools' to help us find our way back to ourselves.


I hope that at some point each of us will eventually make this transition to being a woman strong in her own self.  I can tell you it feels good to have arrived at where I am now, emerging in that which I AM and knowing there is only me.