This poem has been used in many weddings since it was first composed.  Enjoy!

by Aynne McAvoy

Twin Flames
Never Can be Separated
By Any amount of Time or Distance,
By events, or other people in their lives.
The Essence of the One is always felt in the Heart of the other.

Disregarding what the Mind says
Disregarding what Appears to Be
Truth is always ascertained by Soul to Soul communication
The "knowing" of what the Other is thinking and feeling.

Twin Flames come together, Physically
Many times in one lifetime, many times in many lifetimes
Knowing each other through the windows of each Soul
Hearing the Harmony from the depths within.

At last, the two unite to become One.
A Joyful blending; the two Halves are complete
The strongest Force in the world, the strongest Love in the world,
Is the silver cord that binds and can never be severed
Between Twin Flames.