I hadn't given Time Slips much thought until the summer of 2006.  In fact, I don't think I had ever even considered such a thing.  However, odd occurrences began to happen to me that summer and as much as my
mind would try to make excuses for these times, eventually I could no longer ignore them.

One such instance of a Time Slip was during my break time at work.  It was August, and it occurred during my 5:00pm break.   I enjoy walking outdoors during those breaks, savoring the late summer sunshine and fresh
air, and watching whatever nature happened to fly or walk in front of me.

I recall walking right up to the back door, and putting my hand on the doorknob. I checked my watch, as is my custom, to make sure I timed my break properly and returned to work within the prescribed amount of time.  My watch said 5:00pm.  The next thing I knew I had walked through the doorway, a distance of perhaps two to three steps, and for some reason, I rechecked my watch.   The time on my watch was now 5:07pm.

I stood on the cement stoop outside that door for several minutes, trying to make some sense of what had just happened.  I know it was a minute or two before 5:00pm when I left my desk to walk to that door.   I can make that short walk in less than a minute.  I reviewed in my mind, walking up to the big heavy door, feeling the doorknob under my hand and turning the knob.  I saw myself checking my watch.  I confirmed that it did say 5:00pm as I left the building. One step, two steps out of the building.  Only seconds should have passed, not seven minutes.

Where had I been for seven minutes?  It would be impossible for me to have stood there for seven minutes without someone either coming in or leaving the building, as I would have been blocking the door.  So, where had I been?  Where had my body been for a full seven minutes?

Within a week, I had another occasion to make that same query.

I was driving into work, which is located on airport property.  There is only one road in and out of the airport property.  There is also a large time, date and temperature sign on that road on the way in.  Once
again, it was a beautiful day, and I was enjoying the drive in to work. I looked at the time/temperature sign as I approached it.  It said 2:50pm.  Great! I thought l would have a little extra time once I get into work to do a few things.  The driveway to my work is only a few minutes from that sign.

The sign cycled through, taking a few seconds to do that.  Now I am much closer to it. I looked at the sign again.  The sign now said 3:05pm.  My mouth dropped!  I thought, this cannot be right! How can this be?   I checked the clock on the dash and confirmed the time.  I looked at my watch.   All the times coincided.  Now I not only have a
huge sense of confusion happening, but a bit of anxiety as well because I am now late for work!

In my mind's eye, I could see myself trying to explain why I was late for work.  I could see myself trying to explain how I had lost fifteen minutes of time with no explanation for it!

Once again I was baffled as I tried to reason where I my car and I had been for those missing minutes!  As I said, that is the only road in and out of the airport, and it is a very busy road.   It would be highly unlikely that my car would have just been stopped for those minutes.  Also, my car had moved the appropriate amount of time for seconds to have   passed, not minutes.  I was still on the same road, a few hundred yards up from where I was before.

Where had I been for fifteen minutes?  I shoved the whole thing to the back of my mind and rushed to get to work before it got any later.

When I next allowed myself time to think about these odd occurrences, I also began to remember more times that summer that I had more of these unexplained time slips; a few minutes here and there.   Even though they
each had puzzled me at the time, I had not given any one of them a lot of thought.  The two time slips I mention here were 'timed' more or less by myself, and I actually knew how much time was missing in both cases, and where I was and what I was doing at the time.

I 'own' several yahoo group lists, and asked amongst the groups if anyone else had experienced these time slips.   I received replies back from all over the country and other countries as well.  One lady wrote and said she had experienced losing about ten minutes, while putting on a pair of earrings.  Someone from another list said they had sent out their own inquiries on the same question, and had received back over two hundred replies!  I had some people answer me by telling me they hadn't lost time, but had gained it!

One such time slip lady said it had only taken her ten minutes one day to shower, wash her hair, dry and set her hair, do her make up, iron her clothes for the day, and prepare for work.  Any woman reading this knows that is nigh unto impossible!  Several people wrote and said they had somehow learned to adjust time to their needs by stretching it on purpose; that is, when they needed more time they just created it by stretching existing time.

I have done much the same thing several times myself.  It occurs usually when I am running late for something, and I need perhaps five or ten more minutes. Somehow, it just happens.  I am not a scientist of any kind so please don't ask me to explain just how this occurs only that  it does.  The people who were able to stretch time in this way far outweighed the number of people who wrote and said they had experienced the losing of several minutes from their day.

What happens during these times when, as far as we know, our bodies (and perhaps our cars) are right here in this dimension, doing mundane things?  Where are we and what are we really doing, and why can't any of us remember what happened in those missing minutes? 


 I had lunch with a friend the other day, and she was telling me that she feels the missing times that have happened to her are usually in about ten minute increments.  I have experienced much the same. So far the longest time slip that I personally am aware of is about fifteen minutes.

Suffice to say that I believe we have not as yet even scratched our understanding of how time operates, and one day, perhaps not too far in the future, we will be in for some surprises and adjustments of our
current thinking.