by: Aynne McAvoy

I had a very unusual car accident in August of 2006. 
 I was leaving my nutritionist's and proceeding on to a union
 meeting at a restaurant in Sylvan Beach, NY.  I pulled up behind a car that had
 stopped to make a left turn.
 Oddly enough, there were two accidents near there, one on the left side of the road and one
 on the right.  I thought how odd, this is a bright sunny day!   Then I heard
 a terrible screech of tires and looked in my rear view mirror.  There was a
 bright colored sports car bearing down on me. I could hear him 'standing on his brakes’. 
 I had no place to go without hitting the car in front or on either side of 
 me.  I felt the impact as he hit the back of my car. I remember
 feeling a great jolt of my car as the other car hit me. 


 I got out immediately to look at what  (I thought) was going to be major damage to the back end of my car.  Hmm.  I had very minor damage, just a tiny dent!  I looked at the sports car. The sports car had no damage!  We had a police report done at the accident scene and we also agreed that he would pay for fixing my car and keep this as a civil agreement.
 I kept thinking how there was so little damage to either car. I
 marveled how neither of us were injured, and how our air bags had not gone off.
 There was about fifty to seventy-five feet of tire rubber left on the road where
 he was trying to stop to avoid hitting me.
 A few days later I met him at the collision shop to get an estimate of 
 repairs.  Finally we talked about the small damage to both of our cars and how odd it all was.  He admitted he had hit me very hard, and he had expected both our cars to have a lot of damage, especially his sports car that was made of aluminum.  He was also as shocked as I was that neither of our air bags had gone off. 
I pointed to the magnetic bumper sticker on the back of my car that says Protected By Angels.  I   said, "See this?"  He said, "Yes" as he laughed.   "I saw it up close and personal the other day."  I said,  "Well there you go.  I really do believe in angels, and this is the ONLY explanation that makes sense to me."  After a minute, he had to agree,
because he had no other explanation either.

 What is the moral of the story?  Never leave home without your angels.