Angels Love Cocoa

by: Aynnie McAvoy



A few years ago  just a few days before Christmas, a bad ice storm hit our area.


I am a trained driver in my profession.  However, I was scared to pieces driving home.  I was concerned about who might come flying at me on the ice. 


Driving home, my hands gripped the wheel so tight, my knuckles were white.


So, I decided I needed a little help, and asked my Angels to ride on the hood of the car to keep me safe. 


Within moments, I "felt" them there.  Then I decided that it was not very nice to stick Angels in the middle of that freezing rain and sleet; so I "bundled them up" and "gave them some hot cocoa" while they rode on the hood.


As scared as I was, it made me laugh out loud to think of my Angels on the hood, all bundled up under one blanket, drinking hot cocoa!  My fear eased up, as I "saw" this image.  Needless to say we "all" got home safely!


 A week ago a friend of mine told me she keeps "borrowing" my angels.  She said she hoped I didn't mind? 


I asked her what on earth was she talking about?  She said she remembered my story of the angels who sat on the hood of my car during storms.. 


She said whenever the weather is bad she asks if my angels would come to sit on her car.  She said not only did they arrive but they brought their own blanket AND hot cocoa! 


She also said when they arrived on the hood, she "felt" them slowly turn around and look at her, letting her know they were already warm.


I laughed and said you can borrow my angels whenever you want, but your OWN angel might feel bad!  I explained to her surprise, that she had angels of her very own.    Now, she can feel free to ask her own angels for help, without worry of finding mine busy.


My wish for you this New Year's Eve if you are out and about is to ride with the Angels, you won't be sorry!