Our Natural Energy Centers
by: Aynne McAvoy

Chakras. (Pronounced Sha-kra).  Chakra is a sanskirt word, which means vortex; as in energy vortex.  The faithful readers of this column will remember that I often refer to this natural life energy, which is not to be confused with the energy that comes out of electrical outlets.  The human body is much more than flesh and blood and bone; it is pure energy as well. In fact, everything on this planet is energy!

There are seven basic chakra centers in your body, which are essentially energy centers.  These energy centers each cover a different part of our daily lives.   How we respond to events and whatever people are involved in these  events determines how much these chakra centers are 'opened' or 'closed.'  There has even been research done to align certain illnesses with a closed chakra in the body.

Now, you won't find any chakras on any muscular/skeletal diagram of the human body, so don't begin digging out your own biology books.  You may however find the chakra centers and their descriptions on many so called
New Age books.  (Please note, there is very little new about the alleged New Age. Most of the New Age information that is being published and talked about has been around for centuries.)

If you were to look at a diagram of the human body, you would see these chakra centers are different colors. Each color symbolizes the chakra's placement and job description.  You would also see these energy balls of light, lined up in the center of your body, from the top of your head to the base of your trunk.

I will begin with the root chakra, who's color is red, and is located in the area of the perineum. It's earth element is well named, as the root chakra refers to your home, stability, how grounded you are, security issues, and trust.

The second chakra is located in the center of the abdomen, and it's color is orange. It is associated with the emotional body, the sexual organs and reproductive systems.  Water is it's element, and it also covers the emotional body, food and sex.

The third chakra is yellow, and you can find this one in your 'gut', or in your solar plexus.  It is associated with your 'gut' feelings, your intuition, your power center.  The element for the third chakra is fire.

The fourth chakra is located in the area of your heart and lungs, and covers the same, inclusive of love, affection and relationship.  It's the color green and associated with air.

The third chakra is also called the throat chakra.  It's pretty blue color symbolizes the freedom of expression, including written and spoken word, expression of music, dance, and art. It's element is ether.

The second chakra is located between the eyebrows on the forehead, and is also called the third eye area.  This indigo chakra covers our ability to reach into other realms, such as psychic abilities, and our spiritual evolvement.  Early man, aware that was the opening to the other worlds, sometimes went to drastic means to 'open the third eye.' The element here is inner sound.

The first chakra or the crown chakra is located at the very top of your head.  It's violet color symbolized the God connection, the great I AM. It's element is Inner Light, or Divine White Light.

Chakra centers and how much they are opened or closed can be viewed by some aura imaging machines.  The operator, using a special technique, takes a picture of these energy centers. To look at this photo, you would see the outline of a human form, with a center vertical row of circular colored areas. The size of these indicate if any particular energy center is open, closed or normal.  Most operators will explain your photo once it is developed, and the meanings of any energy blockages you might have.   You might see such a aura imaging booth at a psychic or a holistic fair.*

We will pretend for a minute that we are looking at such a photograph. Again, I will begin with the root chakra.  Suppose this was just a tiny little red dot on your body photo.  This might indicate that you have moved too many times, and perhaps have a need to feel grounded and more stability in your life.  However, if the red was of uniform size or even larger than the others, then you would be a well grounded individual.

The next chakra color is orange if you recall, and if this spot were too small it may indicate some issues with food or sex that need to be addressed.

The third chakra covers gut instincts, and if this was a large yellow spot on the photo, it might indicate that you had good intuition and followed it as well.

If your next spot was a small green spot, that could indicate that you needed to open your heart more. Perhaps there has been heartache, and fear of opening up to another again is indicated.

Moving up to the light blue spot, if that were too small, we might say you had a sore throat, laryngitis, or were afraid to speak your truth.

The next is a large indigo spot at the center of the forehead.  You have some good connections going with the spiritual world and are working to increase those abilities.

The last but not least of course is the crown, and this one doesn't always show on these photos.  However, there are people that I call Lightworkers or Lightbringers;  whose whole sense about them is to connect more with the great I AM, and help to show others the light as well.   (There is no religion involved here, only a great connection
with Source.)