We Live in Interesting Times

 by Aynne McAvoy


It is said that there is an old Chinese curse that says, "May you lead an interesting life".  It kind of makes you wonder if someone in China cursed all of us, for we certainly do live in interesting times.


It would be very easy to get caught up in the headlines of the day, and there sure are enough of them.  At the time of this writing, Hurricane Ike just hit Texas and the remnants of that storm hundreds of miles and a few days away, just came through central New York and knocked power out for us here as well.  The banks are failing, the stock market dropping like a stone, the campaign for President of the United States seem to be getting uglier and uglier, the housing market continues to drag and stall people's lives, business's are closing, people are losing their jobs and we are paying a higher price than we have ever paid before in this country for gas.  If life gets much more interesting I may be tempted to stay in bed with my head under the covers.


However, I have never been a person to disengage from life, and that is what this whole article is about.  Recently I ran across a phrase that I like so well, I now use as a signature on my email; "Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but while we are here, we may as well dance!


Life indeed may not be the party we had hoped for, and we may actually feel as though someone cursed us with an interesting life. However, one really needs to remember that each of us chose to be here, at this very period in history.  For some of you, this is just a reminder from me to you and the remembrance is enough to pull you back into the wonder of choosing to live in these very exciting times.  For others reading this article, this is a piece of news that you were not consciously aware of.


"WHAT?" you say!  "What do you mean I chose to be here?"  While there is a great deal already written on this subject, I will attempt to add my thoughts on this into the mix.


Many of you are probably somewhat familiar with the life after life belief; that this lifetime does not end in a box in a ground, nor does it end dancing on golden streets in heaven.  As a matter of fact, this life you are currently living is just one of many lives you have already led, and chances are, you will continue to be born and die into a plane of existence for some time to come yet.  This is where it gets very interesting, as there has been some research done into past life regression and life between life studies.  Should you have read any of these works, you by now have adjusted to the thought that you have chosen your major life experiences and chosen your close friends and family long ago before this life time began.


Now we take this thinking one step farther, and realize that each of us chose this very time in history to be on this plane of existence, for an important purpose.  I cannot begin to guess what each of you had in mind for your personal plan, it is hard enough to discern my own.  It is only in the past few years it's come together for me, and it is still doing so.


Does it help to remember what your soul purpose was?  Yes, I think so, because if we are off course, we still have time to course correct and redeem our life plan.  When you consider the turmoil the country is in right now, not to mention the world as a whole, it makes sense that we, in a general sense, came in with a group soul purpose of saving our world from human stupidity and destruction. It is my personal belief that we came in with a single soul purpose as well as a soul group purpose as well.


In close connection to this thought of our finding and living our soul purpose are the people who are refusing to participate in their own lives at all.  While I can understand how very difficult it can be to get through a time in our lives that is difficult, there isn't much to be gained by closing down, folding our arms across our collective chests and saying that we refuse to play.  We indeed are needed to complete our little piece of our chosen path, so that the final outcome will be complete in all ways.  It becomes important to call upon that cell memory of why we agreed to come 'here' to begin with.


I am aware of those people whose very existence appears to be just getting through each day.  There is no active extension of their selves happening.  There is no willingness to connect, to plug in, and to acknowledge the life force that underlies every single thing.  How very sad it would be to reach the other side of the tunnel after completing this lifetime, to learn that we had not only let ourselves down in our intended purpose, but also had not supplied that important little piece that we alone could supply to all of humanity.


Each of us is like that little pebble that drops in the pond.   We feel pretty insignificant when compared with the All; however the ripples that we make as we jump into that pond and connect with the All will reach far and wide.  The ones that concern me are the pebbles that insist on sitting on shore, refusing to find out how very important their little ripple turns out to be and instead attempt to bury themselves into the shoreline.


Eckhard Tolle has encouraged people over and over to live in the NOW.  He reminds people that living in the past serve nothing, it cannot be changed, and living in the future, in a time that has yet to occur, is refusing to accept the gift of the present.


We may think that life indeed has not supplied us with the life that we would have liked to live, but we are here, and let's finish the job we came to do.  Engage the flow, and start to live your life with all the exuberance that you alone can experience.  You still may not have a conscious remembrance of your soul purpose but as long as you are dancing the dance of life, you are bound to accomplish it anyway.


"Life may not be the party we had hoped for, but while we are here, we may as well dance!