Leaps of Faith
Aynne McAvoy

I look back over the last 20 years of my life and am amazed at the steady progression of leaps of faith I have taken which in turn have led me down a most amazing and wonderful path. Usually when these leaps occurred, I didn't give a lot of thought to 'what if I failed?'

Each step I took would seem to lead me to the edge of a very scary cliff. I would put my foot out and find the ground had risen up to meet me! In retrospect, it was almost as if I were following some kind of internal radar system, leading me forward. With each step I took, so 
many others around me were also affected.

I think it would be fair to say this all started with my love of astrology and my desire to learn more about it. I worked second shift, so I would get home late at night and sit on the couch with my books and charts and pencils. I usually didn't get to bed much before 4 am.

My husband didn't approve of the direction my life was taking and we ended up divorcing not long after. I am a third generation psychic, however that ability had also been suppressed up to that time. I guess you could say I was a closet psychic astrologer!

I remarried in 1990 to someone who supported me just as I am, and decided to open my own psychic astrology business. I truly knew nothing about operating a business, but felt compelled to open my own business anyway. Needed information came to me at the right time from all kinds of sources.

I also was in the beginning stages of interpreting information that was coming through to me from my guides and that continues to this day. I was taking baby steps in trusting the process.

A few years later, the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield was published, and that book turned out to be a major steppingstone on my path. I was so excited after reading it that I asked my husband to 'teach me the internet.' I knew I had to reach out to a lot of people 
with the messages this book carried.

Soon the first of my Yahoo discussion groups was born; the Circle of Light Celestine Prophecy group. As of this writing, hundreds of people have come through the Internet doors of this group. It is the oldest and largest online discussion group of it's kind.

Now in 2007 there are several spin offs from this 'mother' group, enabling people from all over the world to share their experiences on the metaphysical path as they grow, learn and share in a safe environment. All the groups, although spiritual, are non denominational, and the number one rule is to give one another consideration at all times. For some participants, my Internet discussion groups are the only outlet for sharing with other people of like mind.

My guides continued to encourage and push me towards the things that would help to accelerate my progress. I saved money and took my Reiki attunements over the course of a few years, finally reaching my goal of Reiki Master Teacher. My guides and those of my husband's worked in conjunction to lead us both to becoming ordained in the Order of 
Melchizadek. Rarely was there a stumble on this path; instead I experienced an inner knowing of which direction to go into next.

My guides are rarely idle and don't seem to expect me to be either. Within weeks of 9/11, I was opening the doors to the first Your New Life Expo here in central New York State. It was the first real exposure the area had to pulling together the concept of mind/body/spirit in a public forum.

The guides had pushed me to set this up months before, ever encouraging me on despite my protests that I had no idea what I was doing! Everyone involved in these shows, whether participant or customer, began to experience an almost tangible sense of higher energy that few other venues had produced before that time.

The guides seem to bring me full circle when I got information that the long awaited Celestine Prophecy movie was at long last about to be released. Of course my guides once again took over and despite my arguments of knowing nothing of sponsoring a movie or where it would be shown, they led me to one synchronicity after another. I almost felt 
like Gretel following the bread crumb trail. An amazing restored theater from the 1920 era that was owned by a man on the metaphysical path was arranged, and now the rest is history. The door was opened in central New York for wonderful feel-good movies with a message.

Now my guides have given me my biggest assignment yet. My husband and I and our three cats plan to move to our beloved Asheville, NC sometime in 2008. The guides have been extremely busy setting things up between here and there for about a year now. If I can once again trust the process and let go of fear and focus on the outcome, we are already 
there! If you happen to meet me on the street, please say hello! I'm excited about this new step in our lives and our new friends that we are yet to meet in Asheville.