A Day in the Life......
By: Aynne McAvoy

  I lead a pretty interesting life.  I think it would be fair to say it is never boring.  Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not. 

     I thought it might be fun to open a window of time on any given day of my life, to show you little segments of a typical day of a psychic.

     In a recent column I wrote  that you never should trust a psychic 900 line.  You will most likely pay a big phone bill  for the privilege of hearing someone read to you from a script, in lieu of a real psychic reading.  However, not all psychics on these lines are phony.  The trouble is, you the caller,  don't know who is a phony  and who isn't ahead of time.

     I did my 'stint' on the lines, as I previously said.  It was beneficial in that it showed me that I could indeed 'read' a person over the phone, regardless of how far away they were.  That gave me a lot of confidence for things that were to come in later years.

     By far, one of the funniest phone calls occurred while I was working one of these lines.  The reading went something like this:

Me: I see there is a very important blond in your life.
Him: Is it male or female?
Me: It is definitely a rather well endowed female.
Him: Nope.  I have no female in my life like that
Me: Well, I see her very clearly.  She is quite attractive.
Him: No, I think you are wrong with this one.  Wait a minute, what is she wearing? Can you see that?
Me: Ok, as I am  looking at her, she is wearing a  fancy ball gown, very pretty and sparkly.
Him: (laughing hysterically)
Me: Excuse me?
Him: Ma'am I should tell you what I do for a living.  I am a female impersonator.  What you are seeing is my act!

     I also do animal communications for some clients.  Here I should tell you that animals never miss a beat.  They hear and understand far more than you give them credit for, and what's more, they don't hesitate for a second to tell me all kinds of family secrets.  If you have a deep dark secret, don't tell your cat!

  One night I had to take my husband Ed to the emergency room.  He had problems with one of his knees and wanted it looked at.  As I parked the car I left quite a bit of room on his side of the car.  He asked why I did that.  Without a thought I said "because we will need more room on your side of the car for your crutches."  A few hours later, Ed indeed needed extra room on that side of the car, because the Dr had put him on crutches.

     Ed is pretty used to me telling him things ahead of time.  I did a mini reading on him the night we met, as I held his watch and told  him things.   Of course, they all came to pass.  I did another reading after we had dated about six months, and saw what my wedding dress would look like and where our honeymoon would be.  At the time, the topic of marriage hadn't come up, nor would it come up for another six months later.

     Occasionally folks that come into my office bring family or friends along with them; from the other side.  I remember doing one joint reading for a brother and sister.  I mentioned that their mother was there in the room with us.  They laughed and said that even though "mom" had passed over, she still kept pretty close tabs on her youngest son.  Apparently it was common for her to show up with them when they went for a reading with a psychic.

     One such individual that had passed over came in with a client, and liked my office so well, he stayed for about three years!

     Speaking of husbands and wives, I've predicted many marriages, months before the parties involved even  met each other.  One of my favorite stories is a lovely single lady, wondering who her future mate would be.  As I looked ahead in time, I saw a distinctive gentleman in many ways, one of which was his awful singing voice.  I told my client about him, giving her a heads up on this terrible voice.  Much later, after she had met and married him, she told me she knew he was definitely the one after she heard him sing in the shower one day.  There was no doubt in her mind!

     One thing that is important to remember when you have a reading with any reputable psychic, is that we don't remember the reading seconds after it is given.  If you have questions, please ask them at the time.  I have had clients call me at all hours of the day and night, asking if I can tell them more about a reading that occurred months ago!