The Topic of Males in a Women's Magazine,
 in a Psychic's Column   by: Aynne McAvoy   

 I often drop bundles of this magazine in different locations around the Syracuse area, as I go about my life, and stop into my favorite haunts. I often feel a little like Gretel, dropping bread crumbs behind me as I go.

     It's humorous that when I ask if I can drop off the magazine in a new location, I always have to explain that yes, it's a woman's magazine, and no, it's not a male bashing periodical.

     I remember stopping into a local restaurant/bar and asking the male manager there if I could leave some magazines. I would swear, he went pale! *What is it?* he asked breathlessly. *Are you one of those woman's libbers?* I assured him that the magazine was perfectly safe, and left the issue of malehood and all it's variables untouched. I resisted the temptation to pat him on the head while giving him reassurance.

     While I consider myself to be my own best expert on the male and his habitat, having spent so much of my life not only married, but working with a mostly male populace for the last 27 years, I am always open to the suggestion of a hint that there is more to be discovered.

     On a strictly female note, I can honestly say from my own observations, that most males

1. Can't see dirt
2. Can't see chipped paint
3. Can't see a broken anything
4. Cannot find lost items on their own
5. Cannot find items that aren't lost on their own either
6. Are poor multitaskers
7. Will usually find the most difficult and complex way to do any task
8. Have a totally different ear/brain connection than women do.
9. Also have a totally different brain/mouth connection than women do.*
*Any anatomy book would say we are all alike. I beg to differ. There is a distinct block between the ear and the brain of a male. Possibly some green bean gone wild ends up there sometime in puberty, when said male inserted said bean into his ear. . This block somehow disables what the male actually hears vs. what is actually said.

     There is a second such block that is located between the male's brain and his mouth. Thus, whatever the male might be thinking comes out of his mouth completely different than what he says. I am still trying to figure out the source of this block. Perhaps some piece of drinking straw, also inserted during puberty into the nose. Just a thought.

     And that little list is just for starters.

     I read something last night that proves what I have suspected for quite some time. Men are much more forgetful than women. Read on!

     *However, as Dharma Singh Klasa, MD points out in his book Brain Longevity, men lose brain
tissue significantly faster than a woman.* (Kelly Burgess, Women's Health and Fitness June 2003).

     AHA! That proves it!

     Another interesting tidbit I heard on talk radio two days ago was that we recently just went to war because men have lost their identity. They no longer know who they are, and need to revert back to tribal conditions to reassert their authority. (Over women.)

     I might add here that no matter how many times you re read that above sentence, it still makes no sense.

     Now, as a female psychic, I can add more to this list of personal observations within my own business. My ratio of female clients to male clients is about 9/1. The ratio of female friends that have quite good intuition and are learning to work with it is about 5/1. The ratio of male friends in that same category is about 50/1.

     Those figures lead me to believe that males think perhaps it isn't manly to listen to their intuition, or to have a psychic reading done. It's amazing how many men will talk to me privately in office, but would never consider having a reading done at a show, which is very much in public view.

     Seriously, I feel that the time is coming that more and more men will get in touch with that
part of themselves that allows for not only intuition, but asking questions and pursuing the mysteries without pause. I see an increase every year in the amount of males that are coming out of the ? psychic closet?. Hurray for them!

     Now, if they could only see a broken anything!