Angels We Have Heard on High
     By: Aynne McAvoy  

     Most folks don't think a lot about angels until Christmas time, which is nigh upon us.  We sing and listen to the carols, and the stories of the first Christmas, and think about the angels that brought the news of the birth of the man who would change the world.

     One of my goals here in this column is to get you, the reader, to look outside the box.  If I can only do this while your reading this column, so be it.  My hope is that it will become a habit with you, and cease to accept the explanations for things that you've been given your whole life.

     One such piece of nonsense  is this business that angels only show up at Christmastime.  How ridiculous.  They never should be confused with the fantasy stories that do surround Christmas, only to be taken out an examined with the decorations in December, and put back in the box again in January.

     Case in point.

     The year was approximately 1958, give or take a year.  It was a hot summer's day.  I was sitting on my bed in my small little bedroom that contained one window, in an old house on Franklin St in Watertown, NY..  I was facing that window at the time, trying to get a breath of fresh air in the stuffy room.

     Suddenly, I heard the most beautiful music I have ever heard, before or since.  I leaned towards that window that was propped open with an old fashioned screen, the kind that slid sideways to fit the window, and was about 1 feet tall.  I peered into the street, looking for any signs of where the music might be coming from.  The street was empty.

     In those days, no one played their record players loud (there were no stereos that I know of, at least on MY street.)  No one played their radios or black and white TV sets loud either.  Unheard of!  Certainly, no one would drive through town with their car radio turned on full blast.
However, even if they had, it would have been interesting to know where they would have gotten this music from!

     There has never been such music, nor such instruments played!  There was singing, yet there was not.  There were words I think, perhaps; but there was not.   There has never been such beauty produced in this world, not in all the wonderful music that has been written, and played and sang so far.  The sheer majesty of this music defies all words to make you comprehend the beauty of it.

     I listened for several minutes, still trying to discern where this music may be coming from?  Then understanding dawned on me, that the music was coming from my own little room!  I looked around me, not quite knowing what I expected to see.  A celestial orchestra perhaps?

     My heart began to pound with fear and my mouth went dry.  After ordering my feet to move several times, they finally did; jumping up and running out of the room and down the winding stairs to the kitchen below, skipping every third step on the way down..

My brain still refused to accept this could have happened, and continued to try to find explanation for it.  None came. 

     I ran into the kitchen and excitedly told my mother I had just heard the angels.  She took one look at me, and said calmly, "Yes, I think you probably did!"

     They angels certainly got my attention!  ( I must admit, they have had to go to extremes many times over the years to get my attention).

     The angels have been my guides and helpers all through my life.  The older I get, the more I have learned to ask for their advice before proceeding headlong into any project.

     The angels will give aid and assistance when asked.  However, they won't make up your mind for you, nor will they take away your choices; which must be made by you. 

     I encourage many of my clients to work with their own angels, and consult with them about all kinds of issues.  I personally think they are all very pleased at the relatively recent popularity and growing understanding of just who and what they are.  I also think they want us to understand that we are not placed here on earth to be victims, nor that we must go along with the "ride" until it is done, and take whatever comes with resignation. No indeed.  I believe that they are always encouraging us to take that step outside the box, and be daring enough to walk with courage into the unknown.  All we have to do is take their hand, and make that step.

     This Christmas season, look at that toy train set around the tree.  Watch the train as it circles, round and round.  Are you a passenger on this train of life, endlessly circling in a meaningless existence, or are you the conductor of this train?  Make a choice.