The Ripples of Our Lives 
By: Aynne McAvoy

 I was driving along a very pretty road the other day, admiring the scenery.  For once, I wasn't in a hurry, and I was really appreciating the beauty of the last days, the Dog Days, of summer.
I thought how wonderful it would be to somehow keep the smell of fresh summer air, with it's mowed lawns and poignant flowers, in a bottle to open in January or February.  What mark does a day make in the book of our lives?  How does one preserve such a thing?

     As usual, my mind then wandered about, and began to wonder how we as humans could leave our mark as well? We can always have a choice in the kind of mark we leave; a scar on our history, or a trail of stardust behind us as we travel through this dimension.

     Contrary to what you may think, one doesn't have to be an Einstein or a Hitler to leave a mark.
Every day there are choices.  Every day we have an opportunity to leave some piece of magic behind us.

     There is a email on the internet that I've read several times now.  It is a story of what's 'between the dashes'.   The story reads about headstones in graveyards.  Most of them list the name of the individual, and two dates, the one of birth, and the one of death.  These things, as a stranger, doesn't tell you much, does it?  The important information is between the dashes; that time that is  lived between those two dates.  What kind of person were they?  What kind of mother, father, sister, brother, friend, lover was that person?  What kind of life did they lead?  Were they kind or were they cruel?  Were they a joy to have around, or were they avoided like a bad cold? Did they leave a mark in time?

     I have learned over and over in my life that what we say or do in just a moments time can have amazing repercussions.  Some little gesture or word of kindness on your part could have an amazing consequence on someone else, leaving us completely unaware of the good that we have done.

     I have heard my own words repeated back to me at the strangest times.  Words that I spoke to someone while they were in distress, for example,  comes back to me much later  the good that was done from that small moment in time.  One small moment  when I took time out of my life for compassion for someone else.  I am forever amazed at the things I hear, the ripple effect that is caused.  I am also humbled, and reminded to always try to do or say the positive thing.   The opportunities for this wonderful ripple always seem to come at a time when I am focusing on the issue at the moment.  Perhaps the words come from spirit.

     By the same token, a harsh word or deed spoken at the wrong time can have ripple results too! Let's take a small example.

     I get up all grumpy because I didn't sleep well the night before and soon I've decided that everything is going to go wrong all day long anyway, and I start to keep a 'list'.  I make the conscious decision that I am going to have a bad day.   Perhaps a salesman calls me on the phone, and I snap at him just before I hang up on him.  He in turn, is so distracted, that he spills his coffee on his paperwork..  His boss comes along, sees the mess, and snaps at him again.  The man drives home for lunch, and gets involved in a road rage incident.  He follows the person who has made his lousy day even worse, and gets involved in a fist fight.  He calls his wife for a ride home from the police station.  She in turn, kicks the cat and slaps her child as she looks for her car keys.  When she arrives to pick him up, his nervous stomach erupts all over the police officer, who is wearing his last clean uniform.

     This scenario could actually go on and on and on.  Is it all possible?  You bet it is!  Why?  Because a conscious decision has been made, now by several people, that it is going be a bad day.   

     What if a person  made a decision like that on a regular basis?  What kind of story about that person would go between the dashes then?  (This Person Was A Bad Day Trying to Happen.)

     Think about your decisions that you make.  Will what you do or say have a marvelous effect on everyone around you, far reaching beyond what the mind can comprehend?  Or will your actions and words have a disastrous effect instead?  In every choice that you make, there is responsibility to be taken.

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