By: Aynne McAvoy

We have discussed energy in some of it's forms in a prior column.   This month, we are going to pursue this with more depth in one particular area.

     On various occasions, I have been fortunate enough to see what I call the Sparkles.
Initially the experience began by my experimenting with attempting to see energy.  One can actually see the energy of things by un-focusing you eyes and looking at a specified object.  One terrific experiment this time of year is to go outside and decide on a flower, or a tree.  Sit in your lawn chair or perhaps on the grass, and relax.  Choose your target, then un-focus your eyes as you look at it.  Don't force it, but let it come naturally and easily.  You will soon see a shift in the energy around the object in question. 

     What do I mean by energy? What should you be looking for?  What do I mean by un-focusing your eyes?

     Everything on this planet is made up of energy.  Everything vibrates at a different rate, giving a different form depending on it's vibrational rate.  As I said before, this energy is actually visible, and one can even take a picture of it, using special equipment.  You should begin to see a whitish glow around the object, reaching out anywhere from a few inches to a few feet.  When your eyes are relaxed and your mind in an open state, the energy of most anything is able to be viewed.
Another experiment you can try is have a friend sit in front of a white wall, a few feet away from you.  Relax your body and your eyes.  You may actually want to shift your focus a little to one side or the other of your friend.  You should begin to see the energy in a relatively short time..

     Of special fun for me is on a beach in the summer time.  I like to watch the couples who have just fallen in love.  There is a delightful pink glow around them.

     Now, I am about to share something even more delightful to see and that is the Sparkles of light; the energy beings.

     They look like tiny little flash bulbs going off!

     The first time I saw them was in my office, as I was gazing up looking up at  trees through my skylight.  Soon I began to see the little sparkles.  There were hundreds of them!

     I tried a second experiment when  I was sitting outside in the summer, looking at the leaves on the trees, and watching them slowly move in the breeze.  Eventually the little sparkles showed themselves again.

     These kinds of sparkles I can see most any time.  I just need to be relaxed with no interruptions or distractions.  They are a delight to the soul.

  A new kind of sparkle began to show itself when I was conducting a seminar out in Arizona a few years ago. ( Now, I have to emphasize here that my favorite teaching and instruction is  always outside in nature.  Only on rare occasions am I actually inside standing in front of a blackboard.)  I began to see very bright sparkles while touring various beautiful nature areas.  They looked like very powerful tiny little camera flashes going off.  The first kind of sparkle shows up in the hundreds.  They are also much dimmer in the amount of light they 'transmit'.    The second kind of sparkle throws a tremendous amount of light and can be seen from long distances away, despite it's tiny size, however the number that shows themselves are much smaller.

     Both kinds of sparkles seem to favor nature settings; trees, grass, mountains, waterfalls.

     Just recently during a seminar I was conducting in New Hampshire and Massachusetts I saw them again. We were walking near the edge of a waterfalls, when one of the sparkles appeared, between the wall and the water.  It was such an unexpected delight!  It was kind of a celestial hello from the Light Beings.

     I conducted an experiment again in my back yard, which if I truly relax, I can usually raise my vibrations considerably there.  It is lush green with several gardens and lots of trees, including a small woods behind me.  It is ideal for vibrational work.  This time, I deliberately waited until I felt my vibrations shift to a higher level, then waited to see if the type 2, bright sparkles, showed themselves.  They didn't disappoint me.  Within a few minutes I could see them in the woods, approximately a hundred yards away.  As recently discovered by James Twyman, the water that surrounded me in the pool may have helped to increase the vibration faster.

     What are the sparkles?  It has been discussed by James Redfield that perhaps they are a form of angels, the Daikini.  To actually view one or more of them feels like an honor.  I feel an intense glow of pleasure and excitement every time it happens.  Some people say they see the angels.
I see the sparkles.

     I actually wondered if there was something wrong my vision, until I located other people that have seen one or both kinds of sparkles also.

     Whatever they are, I feel like they are indeed a higher vibrational being, with only good intents.
The intense happiness that is felt when they appear is marvelous to experience and is definitely worth the time invested to be able to do so.   

     Eventually I hope to be able to find a form of communication with them.  Rest assured, when that happens, I'll write a column on it!

Stay in harmony.  Aynnie