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  One of the most recognizable forms of psychic reading comes in the form of the Tarot. While the earliest origins of these cards are shrouded in mystery, it is well-known that similar cards have been used for readings since the early Renaissance. But for the average person, learning how to use Tarot cards can often be a confusing and trying experience. In CD Tarot 101, Aynne McAvoy clears the path for the novice with a clear and accessible discussion of the cards and how they work.

McAvoy is a professional psychic and astrologer, and her experience with the cards shines through in this CD. She begins with advice on how to select a deck that suits the reader, since feeling comfortable with the cards is an essential part of the process. She also discusses proper care and storage of the deck before going on to discuss the cards themselves.

She explains the meaning behind each card in the Minor and Major Arcana individually, clarifying their traditional meanings in the upright position while still leaving room for individual interpretation. The next part of the CD, or Tarot 102, explains the Celtic cross-style layout, the most common full layout for a Tarot reading, and how each card in the spread relates to the others. Finally, she provides a sample reading for the listener to follow along with.

Throughout, she provides her instructions and advice in a concise but friendly fashion. The CDs audio quality is clear and McAvoy's voice is easy on the ear, as is the occasional background music that accompanies her (although the intermittent scraping or ceramic clattering sounds toward the beginning, as if someone was putting away dishes from the dishwasher, give it a less-than-professional feel). Those noises, however, are not enough to ruin an otherwise valuable tool for neophytes or Tarot readers who are feeling a bit out of practice.

Tarot 101 is every student's dream not only a fine basic course taught by an excellent instructor, but also one that can be tirelessly repeated without additional tuition fees.
Richard Mackenzie, issue #14

Do you Believe in Angels? Do you wonder if you have your own guardian angel? How does one go about talking with their angels? Is it true that we can call on the angels when we are in trouble? I BELIEVE IN ANGELS is an hour of joyful, true modern day angel stories, as told by Psychic Aynne McAvoy, during a radio interview. The stories she tells on this show are of real angel encounters, and are guaranteed to warm the heart, and brighten the day. The CD also contains useful information on how to contact your own personal angel. If you have always loved angels or are just beginning to learn about them, I BELIEVE IN ANGELS, is a pure delight. This CD is a must for anyone who loves angels, or just needs a lift to their life. Order now for that special person in your life, or even for yourself! This is truly an all occasion gift.

Relationship charts

       Aynne has recently obtained new couple compatibility chart software for relationship charts: business or personal. This is from the established Halloran software company that she has done business with for many years. She is pleased with the product that this program produces and now offers this extra service of Compatibility charts Only $60.00 for the print out which can be emailed directly to your computer! (Average print out is about 15 pages) (Should you want a consultation with this chart, the additional $60 fee per half hour would also apply, but she feels the charts are self explanatory and easily understood and most people wouldn't feel a need for any additional interpretation.) Order your chart now! Make sure you have BOTH persons date of birth, time of birth and location of birth.
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I have webcam availability and now we can see each other across the miles during your reading courtesy of the world wide web!!  How about that??
We have practiced with this using SKYPE which is free and easy to use.

 Printed full natal birth wheel chart with printed report of Personal Path natal interpretations (averaging 20-30 pages.)

         This full report will describe the very heart of the individual!  These two items are available for $25.00, payable by Visa, Mastercharge or pay pal.  There is an additional option  of the Part of Fortune interpretation as it falls in your natal chart, for an additional $10.00.  The Part of Fortune is a 'sensitive part' of your chart, and indicates where your best successes in this lifetime will fall.    Should you wish to pick your chart up at my office, or have it sent to you via email, there is no extra charge.  Should you wish your chart mailed via US Mail, an additional $5.00 would apply.

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