This page is loosely based on books written by: James Redfield.
Some things we'd like to share, the result of our association with the Celestine Prophecy.

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The First Nine Insights


  1. A Critical Mass
    Becoming conscious of coincidences our lives.
  2. The Longer Now
    A new worldview.
  3. A Matter of Energy
    A universe of dynamic energy.
  4. The Struggle for Power
    Competition for human energy.
  5. The Message of the Mystics
    Connecting with the divine energy within.
  6. Clearing the Path
    Discovering your growth path in life.
  7. Engaging the flow
    Knowing your personal mission.
  8. The Interpersonal Ethic
    Uplifting others.
  9. The Emerging Culture
    Evolving to higher energy states.

Ed and I searched for months for find the Celestine Stones and were finally led by a series of "coincidences" to find them.

They are a "soft" stone; that is; not really suitable for tumbling or polishing, or jewelry that we have found yet. Rather, they are a "work" stone, that you keep near you in a pocket or in a pouch. Various clients have found different uses for them...such as third chakra work, psychic abilities, meditation, mental telepathy. One thing they all agree on...they all love them!

To help to articulate the range of hearing in hearing disorders. It also gives off an
energy which helps removes negative toxins from the system and helps prevent
cellular destruction
By integrating and assisting with the complete balancing of ones energy fields,
naturally the emotional state that results can be one of pure ecstasy. Celestite can
create a relaxing energy in a stressful environment by placing a piece of Celestite in the area. This will reduce and minimize the stress and permit the emotional structure to remain intact and undisturbed.
Brings mental clarity, harmony , calmness, and happiness in every day activities. It also reduces mental fatigue. It brings intellectual understanding and comprehension when used while reading and studying. The Celestite brings forth a great mental picture from what you are reading.
It gives you the spirit of love. It initiates respect and admiration. It also brings in the
entire realm of the fifth dimension of the Ancient Mystic Brotherhood to those who
call upon them. Celestite is the stone of the Elestial Beings. It brings in and taps into the Sixth Dimension which is the Archangels, the Angelic Realm and brings you into direct communication with this realm.
Iron and carbon cause the blue color. These are used to increase communication
Clear Quartz Crystals, Sapphire, Larimar, Kunzite, Rose Quartz.
Helps alleviate and remove digestive disorders and dysfunctions of the intestinal
tract and colon. In meditation it helps align, augment and adjust your energy with
those of the Sixth Dimensional Angelic realm. This is excellent to take five drops
prior to meditation if you wish to contact any members of the Brotherhood of the
Light to ask for assistance. For physical healing take five to fifteen drops three times a day.


The following information is taken from a web site about the stone.

Stabilization: All Chakras
Resonates to: the number 33
Astrological Sign: Gemini and Sagittarius
Ray Color: Crystalline White
Key of: A through G (not simultaneously)

This is one of the most powerful stones there is. Celestite has many abilities, one of which is its proficiency at balancing the male/female energy within the physical body as well as balancing all the energy fields - the auric energy and the life force energy or Gods' energy. It brings you into attunement with very high powers of rationality.
In other words, it brings rational thought to any situation. This stone is excellent for
any type of mental activities, such as study work. It clears, balances and attunes al
the chakras.

This is a good stone for public speakers or any one who needs to communicate
either through verbal or written skills. It facilitates fluency and proper pronunciation
during any type of communication. Using this stone helps you to receive verbal
messages while using this stone. It doesn't have to be used in meditation to do this.
Celestite helps you to access your own intuition. You can hold the stone and listen
to the little voice within. It will give guidance and information which can place you
into right action.

Celestite contains the wisdom of the Ancient Masters. By accessing this stone and
utilizing it in meditation, you can ask it if it has any stories to tell which pertain to
you, which relates to past lifetimes or this incarnation. It can be used to facilitate out of body experiences, primarily those induced in the meditative state when there is soul separation from the physical body. Celestite enhances that ability.

Placing a piece of Celestite by your bed at night will assist in the recollection of out
of body experiences, visualizations and dreams. This recall can be a very important tool in assisting you on your own guided path.

Celestite brings hope and faith to a world, especially in these times, that God has
created everything for purposeful good. It brings a bright hope and a sense of
knowing that everything will be OK. This is another stone that can be used for good
luck, good fortune. It can be used by those who wish to take a chance with some
endeavor where they know the outcome could be in their best interest. It is an
excellent tool to use in the pursuit of the finer arts - painting, music, sculpture,
jewelry, designing, etc. One of the finest qualities of Celestite is its ability to bring
one into a state of bliss. . These blue celestites are used to speak your truth. You can't tell a lie holding this. Others will detect the untruth.

Celestites can be used to access the archangels in the dream state. Also, they may be placed on the throat chakra to increase communication skills.

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