Date: Friday, August 22, 2003 4:00 PM

I have heard so many times over the years, in statements made by members of various spiritual study groups, that someone may feel overwhelmed by other's perceived advanced spiritual progress.

These people feel 'less than". Perhaps they feel not as far along the path as others, and therefore, very hesitant to speak up to others about their beliefs and/or interests in spiritual matters. They shy away from joining into discussions because they feel they are but a novice in these matters.

I've been thinking about the 'journey' for weeks now, on and off, and what a pleasure this journey is. Hopefully, at our journey's end on this plane, we can 'graduate" onto another one. One that is more peaceful and harmonious, and less stressful.

However, it is the JOURNEY here that is important, and one needs to remain insightful of. It is the journey, the path that we all walk, side by side and hand in hand, on this plane, that is so very special.

Oh yeah, we all have some down times. No question. But what about the times when we are so very glad to be alive? The times when we finally understand some wonderful new spiritual concept? What about all the wonderful travelers we are meeting daily, on this same path? So what if they may be a few steps ahead or a few steps behind? What an honor and pleasure it is to be on this path!

Who along this path is missing something that you may have to share, that may help their step to become just a little bit lighter? Who is missing out on some information that doesn't get said because of mistaken feelings of inadequacy?

When we can return our focus to this path, and the wonderful souls that are walking here with us, it is such a joy! Sure, the daily bills, the taking of the pets to the vets, the commute to work, the fender bender in the parking lot, the neighbors regular weekend family fights are distracting. Sure they are.

But, I think if we can focus on this marvelous path of learning and awareness, we can all walk just a little bit faster.

In harmony, Aynnie McAvoy